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    Glow plug Timer\dash light

    Hello, Firstly you need to tell us which model of Nissan Patrol and which engine? TD42 uses glow plugs relay controller and ZD30 uses engine ECU to control glow plugs. ZD30 will glow plugs on start unless engine operating temp is 70°C. Regards
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    My Explorer Camper Trailer

    The trailer came with a single 100AH Remco AGM battery which was good for a few days powering the lights and fridge, but I can go for longer so I upgraded to dual Remco 100ah batteries, a Victon Battery Monitor, CTek Dual 250S charger and a Jaycar Pure Sine Wave Inverter - which unfortunatly never gets used.. I might give it the flick. I also have a 120w folding solar panel kit (ebay) and I can now run my CF40 fridge, all my lights, phone charges etc for almost indefinate periods of time - as long as I get mostly sunny days :-) Ive doubled the number of cig lighter sockets at the rear of the trailer and added an anderson plug for the fridge. Now I can charge everyones phone, run the fridge and some lights all at the same time. On the side of the front box I installed the Victron monitor and a solar panel input socket (Hella)
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