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  1. Fair enough.. Good luck with the sale
  2. Lol.. it already had... But being a car yard it was warrenty.. which was lucky.. Unfortunately the repairers did brace it like we discussed so a bit annoyed.. Hopefully scangauge is here tomorrow.. then I'll order the exhaust next week..
  3. Well.. Unfortunately all great things come to an end and the gq is being sold as we have bought a GU. Scored this ripper of a buy just before new years. It's an 08 ST zd30 crd and only had 63***K's on it. Was an ex cfa car from baccasmarsh. Anyway imo a bargin as we got it for $25000 which is too cheap to start with but it come with the following. Steel winch bar 2" lift Outback draws and overhead console Dual battery setup And a gmv upgrade to 3.5T.. this includes a braced rear diff and tower braces.. Find of the century I think.. Anyway first mod was out with the OH console.. being tall it was to close to the head.. a shame as it was good.. Since getting it we've put in a jvc double din unit and just recived the reverse camera to go with it. Thrown in a catch can and egr blank. Fitted a uhf And fitted the runva from the gq into the gu. Scangauge is on its way. Exhaust and egt gauges are next. Then tilix and needle valves. Snorkle And I think it'll be set.. Yea right lol.. Tyres will be upgraded to a 33" tyre. Something like the km2 or the new mtz P3's maybe.. well see when there due.. Anyway. Pics
  4. Hey admin. Got a bloke over in geeling area by the name of Paul. He runs led light Co. Check out his Arura range. I have the 20" bar and it lights up 30m easy and I get reflective over 1k away. Solid bit of kit. He does a budget line to. Sent from my SM-G800Y using Tapatalk
  5. And you have which patrol mate
  6. I've now bent mine again so that's it. I'm replacing it with a flexible whip. Will do a thread when it happens
  7. So 2 days from Christmas and the engine mounts shat themselves. Lol. A few days prior to doing the job I sprayed all the bolts in penetrene. So being an NA td42 the passenger side was quite easy. All from above the guard. I used a socket an wrench for all the bolts, then the 2 bottom bolts into the mount needed the wobble end. Drivers side is more difficult but I did all mine from under the car. Used a socket and wrench for all but 2 bolts again. The 2 bottom block bolts need a spanner. All bolts require a 17mm socket or spanner. Was happy about that. First up I removed the main battery and sub battery if fitted. This gives you a much bigger work area and visibility. I undid the chassis mount first. Jacked the engine with a piece of 130x35 timber about 300 long. It sat on the sump flange between the harmonic balancer, sump edge and drag link like a bug in a rug. So once chassis bolts were out I lifted the engine until there was a bit of gap between mount and chassis. Now undo the block bolts. You'll notice the drivers side one has an extra price in it. I guess it's extra strength due to the Mount being lower to clear the pump. Anyway remove the 2 across bolts and remove the spacer piece from the mount. Then you can remove the block bolts easy. All from underneath. So once out replace the mounts and then install in reverse steps. Block bolts first and tighten, then the spacer and tighten.. Then chassis bolts while still in the air. Slowly lower the engine down and then tighten. Anyway. I found my issue lol. The one was the passenger side. And yes they are supposed to be one piece lol... And the second one looks like it was about to go. Was moving enough to rub anyway so yea. Was time. Anyway. Enjoy
  8. Ow right. So you really need to have a mate in the Nissan dealership hey
  9. Be prepared for the slave to go soon. Karma usually plays like that
  10. Have you had the computer read while it's running? A scan gauge or similar I've read is a nifty bit of kit to see what the computer is seeing.
  11. Yea don't think you could ask for much more lol. And yes much quieter. Going to do gear box later in the year. There original to.
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