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Performance Chip Identification - Anyone know what brand?

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Can anyone identify this chip? Looks similar to a DTE when searching and seems to have the same casing but the DTE chips have buttons, and look slightly different.

Searching the numbers on the tag return nothing :S

Also Is it possible to buy a replacement Wiring loom from Injector Pump to the factory loom (with or without the Tee off for the chip)?







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For which model of GU  is this unit for? Is it for ZD30 VP44 injection pumps?

The sad reality is that for the most if not all of these aftermarket "piggy back" controllers is that they're usually repackaged same electronics  from just one manufacturer.

As for the plugs or perhaps entire loom the best chance is to go to wreckers. Technically they should also be available as spare parts but the cost is usually very high.


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Hi Rumcajs,

It's installed on a 2001 GU ZD30 VP44 pump. 3L non-common rail.

I've been unsuccessful in my many hours of searching to find a picture of this exact one, I've found DTE and DTUK chips that are very very similar with the same outer casing but they are also slightly different.. :\.

I've soldered these bad boys back together and the car now runs (Bought it not running) but not sure if soldering affects the readings to/from the pump in anyway. I'll have to find some electrical guru who knows for sure.


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What a mess! Soldering wires if done properly should not affect readings however soldering is not performing well under mechanically stresed connections.

If I was repairing that loom I'd make intermediate plug/crimp joint in the wires but thats me,  even RAAF teaches its technicians that "soldering is for PCBs and crimping for cables and I had same training for my trade from the vehicle manufacturers....

As with the chip your best bet if you really want to know is to expose its internals aka check the PCB with all the electronic hardware.  Like this one ==>



Essentially repackaged DTE chip the grand daddy of them all.

Anyway, yours seems awfully like the DPU system or  Diesel Power Unlimited


I found the link to to it on Russian E-bay (DPU chip)


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