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zd30Di patrol 2004 fitting a Unichip or ECU Upgrade

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newby, got a Patrol 2004 zd30di.  I'm wanting to know what is the best way to tune my car and get the best performance.

Can the ECU be flashed or do I need to get a Unichip

I've fitted a 3" exhaust,  guages,  Dawes and needle Valve,

next looking at a high flow filter box and pipework, and increase the intercooler and pipe sizes.

Any suggestions 


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Mate do a search for East Coast Performance Tuning (ECPT). Harley there is the guru of tuning the patrol DI ecu. You can post it to him if your not close to him.

I have heard he is restructuring his business at present so his business name may have changed.

Alternatively you could try Pat at Powercurve performance (Nambour) who has been working with Harley a bit to tune these also.

I understand Ecu tuning is considerable cheaper than a unichip, and certainly much better than any if the generic chips for this vehicle.

Hope that helps


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I concur, far easier and cheaper to have re- mapped ECU from Harley, instead of dicking around with addons which are being defeated constantly by the factory ECU.

Indeed there isn't even the need for Dawes/Tilix or needle valve combos, just leave original factory boost control in, works like charm.

Unfortunately flashing factory ECU is not straight forward process( deliberately designed to have once only EPROM chips instead of EEPROM) so I recommend getting extra ECU if he still offers that option as that way you have a backup OEM unit.


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