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Frances Fun Run 2012


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Hi guys.

Last year I attended a great 4x4 day out at a small town called Frances who run a great treasure hunt style fun run day to raise money for there busses to pick up children around the mid east SA, west vic region.

I'll be attending again this year as it was a great day out. You meet heaps of people and at the day tuck into a brilliant BBQ and with snag and beer in hand stand around the biggest f-ing pot belly I have seen...

So it's on September 22nd. Well be camping in the little desert sat night but camping is abalible at home base (Frances footy club).

I'll find more info and let you guys know.


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A bit more info

Yes it's on every year. And Little Desert is very wet this year so it will be a very muddy day.

it is a non timed nav type event in the western block of Little Desert starting and finishing at the Frances showgrounds/oval. $50 per vehicle.

Heaps of prize categories etc and heaps of fun. bbq brunch Sat morning then head out. Bbq tea and entertainment/prizes Saturday night. Not 100% sure if the BBQ is under that $50, I've got a funny feeling tea was an extra $10 for BBQ and salads.

Camping available at the showgrounds on Sat night.

Call Frances School for registration details 08 8765 1034

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