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i have 2007 zd30di patrol and am located in Malawi. I’m just wondering what NADS mods I should do with a series IV. The truck has 160,000km and I’ve just replaced the injector pump. I was planning to do the full NADs but additional read throughs have me questioning that. Being in Malawi I’ve got limited ability to sort out limp modes or other issues. I have all parts needed. My current plan is as follows:

1. EGT and boost gauges

2. Catch can

3. Cross Country intercooler (mine was leaking badly)

4. Lift pump

So my main questions are should I do the Dawes and needle valve install and should I blank my egr?

In a few months time I could possibly do an ecu remap (power curve mail in) if that would be a good option. 

appreciate all the help 

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If you gonna do ECU remap (I'm only familiar with the one in Australia) so then there is no need for Dawes/needle valve combo. Blanking EGR is recommended purely on health reasons of the engine nothing else but that will cause boost spikes so either remap or alternative means of controlling the boost is required. Given that vehicle has done 160k stock I'd remove intake manifold and clean it properly off all the carbon sludge deposits  in there after catch can is fitted and EGR is blanked.



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