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GU Grinding/Rubbing Sound from Rear left side wheel


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Hi Guys & Girls.. Just wondering if anyone can help!!!!! I have a grinding/rubbing sound coming from the rear left hand side wheel from a GU.. As soon as I start driving the noise will start, and the faster I go it seems to get alil louder.. But as soon as I touch the brake it stops straight away.. But starts again when you start to drive again.. Any Suggestion on what it could be.... THANKS

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G'day mate, welcome to the forum,

What you are describing is at best something related to the brake pad and its interaction with brake rotor. Any wild guesses that it could be a dirt/stone trapped between them, pads worn so badly it jams, jammned  caliper piston or its pins, loose caliper all that can stop the friction surfaces from returning properly when pressure is relaxed, possibly even loose wheel bearing as the hub can/wobbles around it grind against the caliper/brake pad?

The best course of action would to jack the rear end up on to axle stands, remove the wheel and have a look, it should be blatanly obvious as that sort of grinding would leave some trace behind. I'd certainly do that as a first thing.


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ditto on that !!!

Worn brake pads can do that. On some pads there is a piece of flat steel that acts as a notification device to tell you that its time to change the pads. Take the wheel off and gently pry that metal tag away from the brake disk. Put the wheel back on, drive around and hear if it still makes that noise. If the noise is gone, then replace the brake pads immediately !!..... before that jam up on you and prevent you from stopping before hitting a road train !!

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