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LWB rear side windows


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Hi guys. My rear side windows are deteriorating quickly around the seals on the outside.

I am setting it up as a camping bus do was thinking of removing the whole sliding window setup and replacing it with a solid piece of either glass or perspect?

Has anyone seem this done?

Secondly can the outer rubber seal and trim strip be purchased anywhere??

My local rubber place say they've never seem it before..

Any help appreciated.


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I don't think the rubber on the original windows can be replaced because the whole thing is molded around a steel frame and it's the frame that rots out and wrecks the window. There are people around making one piece glass window replacements with a rubber seal and even a version with a custom aluminium frame. A google search would turn up results on these. People have also made the windows into doors similar to ute boxes. Shouldn't be too hard to do if you can find the right rubber seal profile to seal the door against. I'm not convinced that as a door they are of any great use, but I have seen pictures on ** ahem ** another patrol site where some guy had shelves, possibly even a mini-bar mounted, behind the windows come doors.

On the subject of perspex, I'd avoid it if possible as it is easily scratched and damaged compared to good old fashioned safety glass.

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Can't work out how to copy a link from mobile eBay, nevermimd,....... The sellers name is ozautomouldsrubbers.

Sliders are $405 a pair and solids are less......

Do a search, have a gander but they look pretty good to me

Taps a lot!!!!!!

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