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New to the forum.

Just purchased a 2006 Patrol.

Was supposed to be for the wife but like women after buying it she decided it wasn't what she wanted and wanted to sell again.

I currently run a modified Landrover Discovery. 1993 200TDi.

She runs great but getting on a bit.  we are looking at travelling around Oz in less than 2 yrs and think we'd be better off with the Patrol, so decided I decided we would keep that and sell the Disco.

Patrol had a little rust above the windscreen, fixed today.  doors have all dropped a little. Dash is bubbled and had to replaced the keys, as faulty.

But don't seem to be able to get the car into program mode. Immobiliser works just can't unlock the doors with the remote.

Otherwise very happy.

Modified a fair bit and I have a few extras I intend to do.  like led lights and things.

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