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Turbo / manifold noise


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Hi guys and girls,

I have a manual 2010 ZD30 CRD that has been having an ongoing issue. Initially, it was what I thought was a belt squeal, most noticeable when going uphill (under load presumably) in too high a gear. eg, in 4th going uphill when really I should be in 3rd.

I had the mechanic have a look, asking him to find the belt that was causing the issue but he came back and said it was something to do with the turbo but he wasn't sure.

After asking around, I was told by a few mates that they are almost certain it will be the exhaust manifold warping, so that was the next step. Took it to some people that machined it considering it was quite warped, new gaskets and also repaired a pipe around the back (EGR I think) that had a small crack.

I got the car back and didn't hear the squeal for a bit but started to hear a whirring noise, especially at higher speeds like ~100kmph. That has become more consistent at most speeds now, usually being very clear around 2600rpm - 3000rpm. I had to take it up north to a mate's farm as I was doing some pest control for him and really noticed it on the drive. I also found at times it felt like it was lacking some oomph at 100kmph +.

I took it to Turbo Tech for a listen and they said that it's likely the studs for the manifold being cracked and they suggested I take it back to the previous guys as the work will be under warranty.

I took it back to the crew that machined it and they took it back apart to check for me and found no issue. Put it back together and still the whir remains. They also said they had a look at the turbo with their limited experience and couldn't feel any play but admitted that isn't their field.

Any thoughts on what else it could be? I'm presuming something in the turbo but I'd rather it be a cheaper fix if possible! It's been a persistent pain for a month or two now!

On a completely unrelated note, if anyone needs and assistance with pest control in WA let me know, I'd be more than happy to assist and discuss all things Patrol at the same time!


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