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Intermittent non-functioning of indicators not a Nissan fault.


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My 1998 GU 4.5 patrol indicators stopped working while driving. Checked obvious like fuse, could not find fault so drove home to better examine it. Just after arriving home indicators all working OK again.

Went for drive next day and after a few kilometres indicators stopped working again. Tried hazard lights, they flashed once then stopped. No obvious cause so drove home again. Mysteriously indicators working again shortly after arriving home, then stopped again. Not wanting to drive illegally again I sought help on line and found your website.

My daughter found a very helpful posting on Urgent help needed with indicators problem, - Nissan Patrol GU/Y61 - myPatrol4x4. (Posted Nov 13, 2015). After analysing circuit diagram in mind of my patrol's faults, I concluded that the hazard switch was not turning off.

Thinking it might be a sticky switch, I tried flicking it on and off a few times. It did not seem to returning fully to the "un-pushed" position. Then I realised that the top of the hazard switch was being pushed in slightly by the dash mat, which in turn was pulled down by a GPS navigator mounted on the dash mat. I could reproduce the problem easily.

I moved the GPS to a different position and problem solved.

Without the circuit diagram, I probably would not have found the cause. Mia Culpa

Thanks for the useful info

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