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Need help with engine mounts

Taylored troll

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Hey brains trust. So I bought a td42 patrol and am looking at engine swapping it. The problem I'm having is the engine swap requires zd30 engine chassis mounts (the ones welded to the chassis) and have been told I'd have to change the mounts to zd30 mounts to suit the engine mounts for my engine swap. I understand it's a bit of a stuff around but I still want to go down this path. The problem I'm having is I can find replacement mounts for the passenger side (see attached link) but can't seem to find any driver side mounts. Is this because I'm looking in the wrong spot or do the patrol driver side chassis engine mounts the same on all models. Also if anyone can shed some light on the position of the mounts (weld closer to the front, same position or further back) and could shed some light on it that would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


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