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AT /Snow control issues


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Hi Guys 
I have a 2004 4.8L Patrol, Y61.

My patrol has an AT /snow control that keeps coming on intermittently..... Only when slowing down under 10km or at a complete stop....
The car takes off in 3rd or 4th and lacks power until it comes up to match the speed of the gear it takes off in...If I turn the car off, the computer resets and the problem goes away until another unexpected time...

I have had the wiring harness checked but nothing obvious was found by the auto electrician... I have changed out the AT controller relay.  Diagnostics done by a transmission specialist resulted in the replacement of 2 solenoids and the auto trans oil. There were no issues with the transmission.
The costs are starting to mount up and even Nissan are at a loss to find the cause.  Other forums show that it has happened before with other 4.8s & no one has found a solution. 
Does anyone have any ideas or experience with a similar issue?

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