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Pre-Cleaner size.

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I have just been on the Donaldson site looking for a new bowl for my pre cleaner. https://dynamic.dona...104&item=140565. According to the site, my pre cleaner is good for 170 cfm. Can anyone tell me if this is big enough for a zd30 or am I restricting the engine. The reason I ask is that it seems far louder on this patrol than it was on the old (worn out.....no compression) TB42. It there a formula to work this out with a turbo?

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After filling up 10 minutes ago, I find that after doing some hard testing and re-setting up of the Dawes/needle valve. Lots of around town work and a bit of highway, my fuel bill was 38.99 liters for 381km. That says to me that I have got just over 10lts per 100km. Nothing to worry about with the 3.0 i think

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