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I'm from WA and own a '89 DX TD42 Patrol.

It has alot of mods, including GU diffs out of believe it or not a blown ZD30, full 4" lift, barwork, garret bush bearing turbo from the early 90s, and it's locked to get me further into trouble and then back out with the help of the 35s.

It has done the gibb river road, crossed the nullah about 16 times, dragged a 3t 20ft van around OZ a couple times, and been rolled on her side amongst other travels within her 610,000kms. The car has been in the family since 30,000kms.

My interests are finding surf/fishing spots, four wheel driving on my way there and setting up camp and being self sufficient once there. Nothing better than waking up to surf a perfect beachy and feasting on fresh fish for dinner.

Patrol down the South West with the 285s. Unfortunately we had problems with the toyota so had to stay longer.


Catch you out there!

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