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Series 1 tail lights..

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Hay guys. With my new job requiring me to travel a bit more before sunrise I'm worried that the crap substandard tail light in the bar is not enough.. I don't have the window light either.

So I'm thinking of putting the later series body lights with the tail break and indicator all in on in.. But I'd like to know if it's a straight fit with existing wiring or not??

My wiring..



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That's the one.. I'm a bit puzzled though because when I've been searching for them the 'Christmas tree' style lights are a replacement part for my 91 gq, not a mod.

I'm wondering if they were replaced at an earlier age with the dummy style.

My plug has 3 wires running to it but only 2 to the light out of the plug..

Well I'm guessing there on the list to...

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