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3rd Gen GQ


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No Nissan haven't come to there senses... :P

I was working on the car today with my lil girl inside the can as mum had to shoot down the street. Popped my head in the door to find this



And it got me thinking that this lil one is the Q's 3rd gen.

My parents bought this back in 91 when I was 5yrs old. I was the eldest of 4 (3boys and a girl). As you can guess with 4 kids in the country it copped a beating.. But living in the country is why it's still going with nearly 1/2 million on the clock.

It's put me and my 2 bro's threw our drivers license and had multiple camping trips threw the years.

Now I have it after the parents went to the dark side (Prado).. And I hope I can make lots of memories with my family like its given my threw my childhood.

So surly there are other Q's with stories like mine, post away guys.

Sent from a device which doesn't always agree with my thumbs...

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