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G60 Bible


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*Blatantly copied from RMPO posts*

Please note that I have not yet been through it all, some info needs to be updated. I will try to get it done as time permits. Also I will try to find my original G60 Bible which I wrote for the original Patrol4x4 forum.

Also, as I have invested real $$ in both RMPO site, and Patrol 4x4, I believe I have the right to copy pretty much as I please. Any-one wants to find an expensive lawyer and prove otherwise is welcome.



a work in progress.....more to come.

here goes....start of the bible. I will be posting this on other forums too. The home base for this is on my website in the forum, www.rmp-o.com

H260 rear diff and C216 locker info

well I suppose the place to start is with an ARB rd 71 locker which is to suit a gu petrol manual

then you need to dismantle the innards of the locker which isnt very hard at all and insert a thrust piece between the spider gear axis pins

one of these pins goes right thru the thrust piece where two are only short and terminate at this thrust piece

The thrust piece is of your doing ie you must make it or get it made and hardened

It is about 35mm dia and about 35mm long ( these sizes are reached by measuring the old one in your g60 diff and the dia is such that it fits inside the ring of the arb centre piece )

What is important and this caught me out was the centre of the axis pins in the arb diff is about 5 mm closer to the driver side wheel so this means that the new thrust piece must be 5 mm longer than the old one with the extra bit towards the passenger side axle

You then, after fitting everything else, upon reassembly trim this 5mm off the short ( driverside ) axle.

Sounds confusing I know but it isnt hard and if you want to go ahead with this I can scan a pikky of the arb locker and show you on it

In the short term you could go to your local arb dealer and ask to see a exploded diagram of an arb locker with a thrust piece ( some cars still have one ) in it to give you an idea of what I mean.

This locker is about 1100 bucks plus air supply and they will tell you it cant be done on a g60 but mine works fine



http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 locker

http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 locker

http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 locker


http://forum.patrol4....ght=g60 locker

http://forum.patrol4....ght=g60 locker






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transmission upgrades/swaps

Spoke to Mark of Marks 4wd on friday night and told him of the interest there was in a 5 speed for the g60 in the states

He said that he still was able to make the 5 speed but he said there was a great deal of work in them and they wouldnt be cheap, but as to a final price he didnt know.

It was about 2300 oz dollars when you could get them so who knows.

He didnt believe me I think on the amount of people after one and said that he would do a run of 10 min.

*EDIT: Marks is now ... for all intents and purposes, non-exesitant, at lkeast in the form I remember. We missed our chance to get hold of the tooling for the 5 speed boxes, so we can give that one up. There are still some coming onto the market from time to time.*

http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 tranny








http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 tranny

http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 tranny

http://www.pirate4x4....=patrol tranny









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