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  1. Eddy

    Wood Fires

    We have a Kent Tile Fire, which I've modified a bit. Started off I had to replace the inner "roof" bit, coz it had warped badly, along with the flue "trap door" thingy. Couldn't get fire bricks at the time, so I filled the base with sand. This actually holds heat better than fire bricks, which I found, installed, and removed again. (sold them a the local Lions Club Auction for more than I paid for them) Next trick, was to weld in some lengths of steam piping across the base, inside the casing, running front to rear. these are covered with sand, and holes drilled in the casing so air can be vented in one end and out t'other. This acts as a very good heat sink, and it's possible to hold ya hand against the base of the casing, whereas it was previously somewhat uncomfortable. I've tried running water through a length of copper pipe, through said pipes and I think I'll be able to heat water and run it to a radiator in other parts of the house, but for now they allow for some air to flow through and get some more warmness happening. Also, because the some of the tiles for the side of the casing were broke, I put a piece of "mini orb" corrugated iron in place, with the intent of getting new tiles. Mini orb is still there 15 years later ... allows more heat to radiate out sideways, and looks better too IMO This'll be a job for next summer, as the inner roofy bit needs to be replaced again. I also plan to build in an ash grate, using the heat sink pipe system, coz I've had enough of digging ashes and shit out every week. but that's gunna take a bit of thought, and maybe some trial and error stuff.
  2. Eddy

    Ed's G61

    Just fitted an A-Frame to the front so I can tow it around to get some stuff done on it. Also 3 months rego. Got me 6 weeks to have it in for "Club Rego"
  3. watch swamp people do we?
  4. Hmmm ... looks the biz ... Worth a try I'd reckon
  5. Eddy

    Ed's G61

    Explained to yom that I objected to him calling me redneck scum because I owned firearms, and suggested that he must be some kind of jerk. Waiting to be reinstated as promised but nothing so far.
  6. Eddy

    Ed's G61

    Most of it back on my mate's place now. Hopefully get it home and start work on it soon
  7. Eddy

    P4x4 upgrade

    I been banned forever ... back in under another name. so can I be a bad boy as well? although ... I was banned by yom ... does that still count?
  8. *Blatantly stolen from another forum* Our teacher asked what my favorite animal was, and I said, "Fried chicken." She said I wasn't funny, but she couldn't have been right, because everyone else laughed. My parents told me to always tell the truth. I did. Fried chicken is my favorite animal.. I told my dad what happened, and he said my teacher was probably a member of PETA. He said they love animals very much. I do, too. Especially chicken, pork and beef. Anyway, my teacher sent me to the principal's office. I told him what happened, and he laughed, too. Then he told me not to do it again. The next day in class my teacher asked me what my favorite live animal was. I told her it was chicken. She asked me why, so I told her it was because you could make them into fried chicken. She sent me back to the principal's office. He laughed, and told me not to do it again. I don't understand. My parents taught me to be honest, but my teacher doesn't like it when I am. Today, my teacher asked us to tell her what famous person we admire most. I told her, "Colonel Sanders.." Guess where I am now...
  9. Was a time when every second farm tractor had a pressure cooker bolted to the exhaust manifold. Pretty sure there's still one out in the shed somewhere ...really gotta go dig it up now. a recipe part flap from a side of lamb sprinkle black pepper, salt, oxo chicken or beef powder stock, pinch of cuury powder and then roll up with a slice of bacon.. twitch a piece of wire around it and into the pot just before morning coffee break along with a couple snmall spuds and a slice of pumpkin. Small piece of mallee or redgum charcoal, and'or a gum or mallee leaf adds to it ... drink coffee, and then get going again. 3 - 3 1/2 hours and lunch is ready
  10. Pic taken a few years back. atm it is in bits and spread across 3 council districts ... ...
  11. Eddy


    I'm a long time Patrol addict, and have owned 3 G60s and a G61. Was on the original Patrol 4x4 forum, before it collapsed, and put cash into the replacement. Bit sad to see it in it's current state, but this as a potential replacement is a good idea. better IMHO to be ready to go and not be needed than to suddenly be left out in the cold with nothing to go to.
  12. Carbs and fuel system mods/upgrades http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/ubb.x...01#12010834901 http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/ubb.x...924#8956007924 http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/ubb.x...011055&p=1 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...94573474355000 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...71417708771877 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...87631524275662 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...62832496682534 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...90748993164446 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...65297814130187 http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/ubb.x...381#8496086381 http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/ubb.x...582#4216098582 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...07990766109041 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...05291678613397 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...08040513771928 http://groups.msn.com/NissanPatrolCl...p;all_topics=1 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...60680730749393 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...37372933930247 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...28894231858386 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...97404422585767 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...93503806111096 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...92847090547338 http://groups.msn.com/nissanpatrolcl...75432291758485
  13. transmission upgrades/swaps Spoke to Mark of Marks 4wd on friday night and told him of the interest there was in a 5 speed for the g60 in the states He said that he still was able to make the 5 speed but he said there was a great deal of work in them and they wouldnt be cheap, but as to a final price he didnt know. It was about 2300 oz dollars when you could get them so who knows. He didnt believe me I think on the amount of people after one and said that he would do a run of 10 min. *EDIT: Marks is now ... for all intents and purposes, non-exesitant, at lkeast in the form I remember. We missed our chance to get hold of the tooling for the 5 speed boxes, so we can give that one up. There are still some coming onto the market from time to time.* http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 tranny http://rockymountian....ghlight=tranny http://rockymountian....ghlight=tranny http://rockymountian....ghlight=tranny http://nissan4wheele....561#9426050561 http://nissan4wheele....845#9416024845 http://nissan4wheele....983#1886038983 http://nissan4wheele....105#5916041105 http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 tranny http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 tranny http://www.pirate4x4....=patrol tranny http://groups.msn.co....05406951320191 http://groups.msn.co....44316635325449 http://groups.msn.co....29263490171602 http://groups.msn.co....29185359037587 http://groups.msn.co....22851638542350 http://groups.msn.co....20799674881114 http://groups.msn.co....10100539020835 http://groups.msn.co....20491192079486
  14. *Blatantly copied from RMPO posts* Please note that I have not yet been through it all, some info needs to be updated. I will try to get it done as time permits. Also I will try to find my original G60 Bible which I wrote for the original Patrol4x4 forum. Also, as I have invested real $$ in both RMPO site, and Patrol 4x4, I believe I have the right to copy pretty much as I please. Any-one wants to find an expensive lawyer and prove otherwise is welcome. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ a work in progress.....more to come. here goes....start of the bible. I will be posting this on other forums too. The home base for this is on my website in the forum, www.rmp-o.com H260 rear diff and C216 locker info well I suppose the place to start is with an ARB rd 71 locker which is to suit a gu petrol manual then you need to dismantle the innards of the locker which isnt very hard at all and insert a thrust piece between the spider gear axis pins one of these pins goes right thru the thrust piece where two are only short and terminate at this thrust piece The thrust piece is of your doing ie you must make it or get it made and hardened It is about 35mm dia and about 35mm long ( these sizes are reached by measuring the old one in your g60 diff and the dia is such that it fits inside the ring of the arb centre piece ) What is important and this caught me out was the centre of the axis pins in the arb diff is about 5 mm closer to the driver side wheel so this means that the new thrust piece must be 5 mm longer than the old one with the extra bit towards the passenger side axle You then, after fitting everything else, upon reassembly trim this 5mm off the short ( driverside ) axle. Sounds confusing I know but it isnt hard and if you want to go ahead with this I can scan a pikky of the arb locker and show you on it In the short term you could go to your local arb dealer and ask to see a exploded diagram of an arb locker with a thrust piece ( some cars still have one ) in it to give you an idea of what I mean. This locker is about 1100 bucks plus air supply and they will tell you it cant be done on a g60 but mine works fine http://groups.msn.co....94013006341417 http://groups.msn.co....91893834386097 http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 locker http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 locker http://www.outerlimi....ght=g60 locker http://nissan4wheele....145#2646055145 http://forum.patrol4....ght=g60 locker http://forum.patrol4....ght=g60 locker http://groups.msn.co....16249087421441 http://groups.msn.co....34089877212607 http://groups.msn.co....93418903536414 http://groups.msn.co....05475132069634 http://groups.msn.co....79537356051788
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