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Don't buy anything from these idiots.


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Hi guys,

About 11 weeks ago I ordered a DVD box set from a company called KangarooDVD.com. After repeated e-mails it finally arrived today.

These f#$%wits sent me a pirate copy of the series I was after, each episode was recorded off the TV and burnt to DVD. The picture and sound quality is f#$%ing terrible.

I have reported this site to AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) but I am not holding my breath for them to do anything.

I will also be putting up warnings on every forum that i can think of as well as FaceBook not to buy anything from these a$$holes. I should at least get my money back when I dispute the charge on my credit card.

They have a very nice, professionally done website, and it all looks pretty legit. Don't get taken in by these scammers like i was. They are nothing but f@#$ing thieves.

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