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Hey guys. Here is my newest addition that I have been building up since I got it about 2 months ago. It's a 2009 GU DX ex Telstra bought it with 118,000kms stock as a rock. I plan on building it into a capable tourer with the likes of Fraser Island on the cards for next year and cape York to come I needed something reliable. Mods so far: Powerful 4x4 Bullbar 3" lift 285/75/16 BF KM2 on 16x8 rims Roof top tent cage Awning TJM roof top tent not yet fitted Plenty more mods to come when funds allow :-) post-1323-138424030299_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424033391_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424035349_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424036971_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424038597_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424040109_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424041488_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424042579_thumb.jpg post-1323-138424043778_thumb.jpg

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