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  1. thanks mate. Yes, I am proceeding cautiously. $800 was never on.
  2. Llooking to install transmission oil gauge in my 2014 Y61 Patrol 3lt auto. I have looked at ones that attach to the top of the gearbox, ones that tap into the gearbox, ones that fit inline in the transmission cooler and scan gauges (which look far to complicated for me) Would appreciate advice on which is the the most accurate type please. Also , one auto transmission place quoted me $800 to install!! Thanks
  3. Hello I have a new Y61 Patrol ST Titanium limited edition. Auto model. Only done 1200 klms First two tank refills of 80 litres each got only 473 and 479 kilometres respectively. I was horrified with this result. Have only done general around town running but do not flog the vehicle. In addition, I am getting a wirring/whoosing noise coming from the engine bay. The Nissan mechanise isolated it to the turbo charger, recorded the noise and has sent it to Nissan engineers to hear. Could a turbo charger problem be a cause for the high fuel consumption? I am not a mechanical pers
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