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  1. My bad, it's not an rb30, it's a tb42e! Will it fit
  2. I've got a tb42 5 speed gearbox bolted into a dellows bellhousing then to a ford 5lt. I've got a spare patrol wich has the 3lt fuel injected rb30 engine in it bolted to an automatic transmission. My question is will the auto bolt in and replace the manual one?
  3. Lately my car has been very hard to get into any of the gears and most of the time I can never get it into reverse without it just grinding. What could this be? And also On my way to work today I stopped at a set if traffic lights and left it in 1st gear with the clutch in and it kept wanting to go forward until it stalled. I then started it when the light went green with the clutch in and in 1st gear and it was like there my clutch wasn't even in. What could it be?
  4. Thanks, will check it all out on weekend. Will it cause damage?
  5. So I did the 4" lift on my car. I did 4" shocks and springs, adjustable panhards, caster correction plates, extended brake lines, and extended sway bars. Then I took it for a drive and theres now a small vibration and a loud grinding type of sound. Then I put 12mm transmission spaces and a double carden shaft in the rear to try and fix the problem. The problem is still there! the loud grinding noise could be something vibrating very fast but I just don't know. I thought a thrust bearing but it wasn't doing it before. What else can I do?
  6. I'm currently looking at purchasing a 3" lift kit this week but there are so many brands out there. Just wondering what brands are the better ones to look into. I've been looking at raw 4x4, ironman, dobinson, and a weird unheard brand called anarchy offroad. Tough dog is just a little out of my price range. Any opinions would be great.
  7. I replaced the gearbox with a rebuilt one. I'll double check all wires
  8. Ok, so over the weekend I did a 2002 model strait gas au xr8 engine in my patrol but now my odometer and trip metre are not working but they were working prior to the conversion. Any ideas of how to fix this would be good? Thanks
  9. I was just wondering if a 2.8 diesel alt Will fit on my 4.2 petrol? And Will a gu 4.5 fit on my 4.2?
  10. Yea, I wanna keep 33" for on road and only use 35" off road. I've got 4" springs and shocks already is the're any other bits I need to complete the lift?
  11. Currently looking at doing a 3 or 4" lift to my swb patrol to fit 35" tyres on it. Just wondering what other mods are required to fit the tyres?
  12. It was stuck in max position but all fixed now. Thanks for your help
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