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  1. Hi guys I done dual mass flywheel on weekend, pulled gearbox out today and thinking go solid flywheel and hevy duty clutch. One thing not sure is mounting gearbox without bell housing spacer or solid flywheel will compensate by it's thickness? Mounting gearbox without spacer will messed up with gearsticks location and drivelines lenghts? Cheers
  2. Thank you for your reply Rumcajs. I clean earth connections before but definetly will run extra cables for it. I received on Friday reconditioned genuine sensor but I will send back because lever is hard to move due to seized up and rust flakes coming off around shaft. I been driving car and haven't play up since Wedensday morning also got second hand engine ecu from wreckers but not sure if can just plug in if don't have imobilizer for it? Regards overboosting switch I read some info on other forum saying on/off switch under throttle pedal protect from overboost. Not 100% sure on it
  3. Hi guys do you familiar with intermittant throttle position sensor fault. Flash fault code 43, removed throttle pedal assembly, tested overboosting switch and tps resistance on idle and full throttle reading 0.7ohms and 1.6ohms. Fitted second hand pedal assembly and still faulting also order genuine tps of ebay. I'm not 100% convinent this will fix issue and try resolve problem before heading out to Fraser Island over Christmas break. Cheers
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