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  1. Thanks for your informative response Rumcajs, while I dont plan to have have the airbag go off anyway, I will ask Nissan Australia just to be sure. Not worried about blowing a hole in me but I wouldnt want my missus to cop a faceful of shrapnel, no matter how small the chance of it occuring is.
  2. I am not the most mechanically minded man on the planet so forgive my ignorance. I have taken my GU to the (respected) dealers who sold it me second hand in Brisbane and asked for airbag replacement as required by recall note, but haven't got any way of telling if it was changed. A verbal saying it was done, but no paperwork, no sticker, no information if it was a like for like or an upgrade. Is this typical? How can I check this? Thanks in advance, all genuine suggestions appreciated, critical comments are expected, humour to be hoped for.
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