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  1. Hello every one, I have a 1997 2.8TD gu patrol, and I need help. the problems that she has are that she uses coolant and I cannot fined where the leek is. my local mechanic says that he doesn't think its the head gasket and I don't have wet carpets so I don't think its the heater. she has a water cooled turbo, could it be this ? the other issue is that when I start her she will pump out a big white/blue cloud and she will do this when she is hot or cold. She will also give a cough of blueish smoke with and hiccup in power when driving at low revs. she has recently had a dose of fuel bug which I have treated and I have change the fuel filter twice now. If you need more detail to help you help me, please just ask, as I have to keep her on the road and I don't think she will pass her next test (French control technique) Any advice to resolve these problems will be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance from a stressed brit in France
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