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  1. Mate i swapped hubs to opposite sides and locked them manually. Still made the bad clunk noise on the same side (Drivers side). To me it sounds and feels like a car that is front wheel drive with a crook CV. I might be able to get access to a hoist and drive it on it. Will call a mate tomorrow.
  2. Did you fix this problem and what was it? i have a clunk clunk clunk noise in my drivers side front wheel. i swapped my hubs from side to side and the problem stayed on the drivers side. So i dont think it is the hubs. Any info please?
  3. Hi folks. I have a 2002 GU. Last time i went to the bush for a wheel my drivers side started making a clunk clunk clunk noise. It is only when engaged in 4WD. I have swapped my hubs over and the noise stays on that side. Swivel hub has also now started leaking a little oil. Would this be a bearing issue? Or will it be the CV Axle that i need to replace. If i am going to replace axle i will also replace all seals and bearings. Any help on this would be really appreciated.
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