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  1. Well, the problem turned out to be the pump and I dropped the van off at a recommended reliable diesel mechanic (remember, small island in the West Indies!!). He said it's a common issue with this vehicle and others that carry the same pump and the major culprit is poor quality fuel (I was told by a friend working in the island's petroleum distribution company that we do not receive or refine "Diesel" as such. He says we are supplied with GAS OIL, not white diesel). The mechanic had at least 3 Mitsubishi L300 vans, along with Nissan Frontiers and a couple more Caravans so it's not me alone with this suffering. I did some checking on the forum about the Carter 4600 pump and I think that I understand fully what it actually does, providing an ample supply of pressurized fuel to the diesel pump so that the diesel pump itself is not under strain to pull fuel all the way from the tank so I'll look into that. Problem is, with the tight spaces, will I find room to install this lift pump inside the tight confines of this panel van? Other questions...(Please be gentle. I have 0 knowledge of the build of this engine) 1/. Is this lift pump installed after the fuel filter? I would assume "YES" to avoid additional strain on the diesel pump to pull fuel through the filter. 2/. What is the purpose of the spill/injector leak pipe? Does this allow excess fuel sent to the injectors to flow back to the tank?
  2. Hi Rumcajs, thanks for all your input. I'm prepared for the worst scenario now that you've explained everything in detail. One other thing, in the event that the Gods have smiled on me and it's not the pump but a simple electrical issue, what precautions can I take to prevent this from happening again? Can these pumps be serviced by a qualified technician to keep them operational despite the quality of fuel I have to deal with locally?
  3. ZD30DD.pdf This is from a service manual I purchased online. This is the engine in question. Your picture look a little different.
  4. The vehicle is a Nissan Caravan E25 panel van and I think it's 2006 and I purchased it second hand 4 1/2 years ago. No major problems really but had a big scare a year and a half ago with a cracked cylinder head gasket. I ended up on this forum because of a Google search and I believe the engine is the same. Because the engine is hard to access, I am not sure if it's the identical engine to the picture you posted. Sorry.
  5. I've only had one diagnostic scan run and the electrician wants to run another with a different scanner so how can I confirm that it's definitely the pump? The engine tumbles fine but doesn't start and the "CHECK ENGINE" light stays on. I was wondering if I slackened one of the injector lines and tumbled the engine and there was no diesel spray that would confirm it. If there is diesel going to the injectors, what else could be the issue? I am prepared for the worst. Our fuel quality is pitiful in the island although we are a petroleum rich country. Anything else I should look forward to from this engine?? https://www.ebay.com/p/Bosch-Injection-Pump-0445010136-0445010158-0445010159-for-Nissan-3-0d/566436477?iid=222739372120 Is this the culprit that is causing me all this headache?
  6. Hi all, I have a serious issue and I require some assistance. I was driving along the highway and my vehicle's "CHECK ENGINE" light came on suddenly (no signs of overheating, RPM change etc.) then the engine died on me and the ignition lights came on. The engine tumbled fine but refused to start so I had to have the vehicle towed to my house and I got an electrician to run a diagnostic scan on it and a '"DIESEL PUMP ERROR" code came up. I was afterwards told that the sensor cannot be replaced or repaired and the entire pump has to be replaced. I am located in the West Indies and my mechanic is telling me that this can cost as much as US$1800.00!! That's a ton load of money to put out for an individual living in a small island in the throes of a DEEP recession. Are there any wizards out there who can confirm that the pump definitely has to be replaced or can this sensor be changed or repaired? Begging for some assistance or feedback please!!!
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