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  1. Good day mates. I'm new to the forum and wanna thank you for the great discussions that are already out. My truck is a 93 model LWB TD42 silver top. I'm thinking about upgrading the engine with a turbo. I read that, to get more power out of it I would have to upgrade the pump as well. So my question is, if I have to buy a 2k+ 12mm pump or if there is a way to get this done like some kind of backyard job. Just changing distributor head or is there more work involved? My second question is: what Turbo can I use? I have to explain that I live in Bolivia and good Quality 3rd Party Products are nearly not available and/ore not affordable. I would have to seach a used Turbo and adapt it to de td42. What could you suggest? The good thing however is that I don't have to worry about laws and regulations. It just has to work. ;-) I appreciate your help. Cheers Michael Gesendet von meinem BLA-L29 mit Tapatalk
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