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    Offroad Touring, Camping, Fishing, Drinking and the great outdoors.
    Planing for a full-time life on the open road. Currently working on https://buyfueldoctor.com.au.
  1. Hi all, Long time lurker but time has come I can hiopefully contribute more. This forum has got me out of trouble a few times, I'd be pretty lost without it. I'm pretty much a GQ addict, Currently on my 4th over about 6 years. 1990 ST Wagon - RB30 Dual Fuel in Steel Blue R.I.P thanks to the PR1(K that dodged all the rust work. 1989 ST Wagon - TB42 Dual Fuel in Dark Red R.I.P thanks to new owner and a tree or four 1995 RX Wagon - RD28 - Tourer Project (Watch This Space) Daily Driver - 1993 Ti Wagon - TD42 N/A (not for long) - 2" Lift, 285s, still building on a great platform. Work in web design and online marketing. Current Project is https://buyfueldoctor.com.au as we've just become the new online retailer for Fuel Doctors Australia.Thanks for all the great info, keep it coming! And let me know if I can help anyone out.Cheers. Steve
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