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  1. Ah sorry mate, forgot you had posted them earlier 😅 I'm just waiting on a feeler gauge at the moment so I can correctly gap the sensor. Do you recommend taking anything off the front of the engine to access it? Or is it pretty accessible without removing engine parts? Thanks
  2. I have since reset my ECU because it was not starting with the codes stored. I also cleaned all the earths on the manifold and the battery posts and terminals, and added a body to chassis earth underneath near the cross member. I also added an earth wire going from the MAF wiring to the body to help it have a good and proper ground as I was getting 0.04v on the Black wire when diagnosing. I have also replaced the fuel outlet hose and hose clamps from the fuel filter going to the IP as it was split and leaking a bit of diesel (maybe why I was getting code 0705?). Primed, and took 2 pumps t
  3. No worries, is there anywhere online I can look at to read the injection pump codes? Ah that's good news because I have a small and slight leak from the fuel filter hose directly to the injector pump so that could definitely cause that issue? It doesn't sound like the injection pump is faulty then?
  4. @Rumcajs how did you find out exactly what code 0705 was? Is there a list of injection pump codes anywhere?
  5. Thankyou very much this all a VERY BIG HELP in diagnosing my issues. If you have a read in the other forum where I posted my issues, it shows some MAF readings I got and a couple of pictures I think have to do with my issue, and the 0705 - air in the fuel, just confirmed my suspicions with the fuel line from the fuel filter to the Injector pump. https://www.patrol4x4.com/threads/gu-zd30-di-hesitation-starting-issues.411931/
  6. Mine has the same plug as the OBD2 socket image you sent, would I need an ECU talk cable with that OBD2 plug for it to work with the software? Thanks for all that mate! I will be doing some tests tomorrow in-between work and I will let you know what I find!
  7. Ah so which cables would I need exactly to work with my vehicle? Like I said, it's got the OBD2 adapter under the steering wheel in the foot well but I know it runs on Nissan's consult protocol. Yeah I have all those mods done to mine so I'm not surprised about the MAF sensor fault. The EGR is blocked off so that's not an issue for me, that shouldn't affect driving. I can see bare wire on that crankshaft sensor connector so looks like 2 new sensors so far for me!
  8. Yes they are all active as of now, I've checked my MAF voltage output on the pins via another forum and my readings are lower than what they should be so MAF sensor is definitely an issue. The crank sensor also has a split right near the connector that's exposing the actual wire so that's probably why I have the crankshaft code. I have ECUtalk software but I can't get it to work with my Bluetooth OBD2 adapter for the life of me! If I fiddle with the pump harness could that affect it in any way? Are they very sensitive?
  9. If I check to see the wiring harness is okay will I also disturb it? Is it easily accessible? I have these ECU codes; 1003 - EGR Volume Control Valve 0406 - INT / AIR Volume (Excessively High Signal From MAF) 0407 - Crankshaft Position Sensor 0705 - Pump Control Module It is a 2001 Patrol GU with ZD30 DDti engine.
  10. @Kranwa did you ever get this solved?
  11. Hi all, So a few weeks back I bought my first GU, engine has had a full rebuild with receipts & about 50,000kms driven since rebuild was done. EGR blocked, 3" echaust fitted and dyno sheets showing boost up to be 18psi I believe on stock boost solenoid. Now, at first all I had was the usual limp mode from the EGR being blocked as well as the check engine light from the EGR, the boost would spike up to 20psi and be in a limp mode until you let off the accelerator and back on again, it was annoying for long trips on the highway but still driveable. So my plan was to get a HPD manua
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