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  1. No worries thanks again! Just a thought; could my ICV% be going down (to 14%) because the ECU sees the high MAFv signal and so tells the pump to cut fuel which is the fuel-cut limp?
  2. @Rumcajs Not a problem mate! Here is a website showing how to take the module off without removing the pump from the engine, I do believe it will be very limited/difficult especially on the ZD30 but it's something I could look at? https://www.vp44diesel.de/en/vp30-44-dissasembly#01 In the VP44 manual you attached, it mentions a "self diagnostic mode". Do you know how I would access this diagnosis mode to read the codes directly from the pump? Or do you need the special cable to connect to the back of it directly? Thanks
  3. @Rumcajs No worries thanks for your reply! I will definitely consider buying the right external lift pump ASAP! I have also seen a reputable company in the UK that repair just the EDC (electronic board) on top of the injector pump without removing the IP. I believe my issue is electrical and to do with the electronic board on top of the pump, do you think it's wise to remove it carefully and send it off for inspection/repair? Here is their ebay link; https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REPAIR-SERVICE-Bosch-VP44-VP30-Diesel-Fuel-Injection-Pump-PSG5-EDC-EDU-Module-/28332071647
  4. I will leave spool-up rate as is. I can change the gauges that ECUtalk reads, how do I change TPS V to %? Ahh okay I see so my best option NOW is an external fuel lift pump? I have had my eye on a Carter 4600 (don't know if it's any good for this car tho?). Is changing the fuel overflow line quite easy to do? EDIT: This morning at 6am on the way to work, it ran rough again (coughing/spluttering) around 2000rpm and barely went over so had to upshift early through gears to drive smoothly. When I left work, I pulled out of the driveway, got to 2nd gear and about 20
  5. @Rumcajs So if I adjust my boost via the tillix valve, I don't need to change to a new spoolup rate via the needle valve? The sensor is just a single type sensor on the side of the block around the 2nd Injector I believe, I can try to short it out but the dash gauge is behaving normally since I took it out and cleaned it and also cleaned and rewrapped the wiring in conduit to protect it. The gauge needle does not move when I accelerate anymore like it used to. Here are just a couple of log files from the other day, not sure if you will notice anything but maybe my MAFv are too h
  6. I believe I set up the tillix correctly, I had some help from another member on a different forum and went through all new vacuum lines including the butterfly valve and that actually fixed an issue with the car shutting down very rough. Yes, I always start with closing the needle valve completely with the engine idling then opening it to the point the arm drops down and then I opened it just about another 1/4 turn to where it's sitting at now and it's definitely running better than before, but still limps here and there very unexpectedly! AlthoughI am only on 16psi max boost, I'm th
  7. @Rumcajs I took the temp sender (gauge one) out and give it a real good clean and disconnected the electrical connector and harness and gave it a good clean and also ran new conduit around it to protect the wire, since putting it back on I didn't notice the temperature gauge on the dash playing up like before. I also left the car idle for 10 minutes to relearn TPS just in case that played a part in all this. (ALSO: disconnecting the temp sender and starting the car did NOT change the dash gauge, it remained the same) I did play around with the tillix and needle valve and reduced
  8. Hmm could code 0705 be something to do with electrics at all, considering it only happened after a bit of rough driving on rough terrain, nothing crazy or fast but enough to shake the car. What other problem might it be? Does it sound mechanical or electrical to you? I am looking at having a different diesel specialist have a good look over the car and will let them know any and all problems, no matter how small! Ah no worries I'll have to do some log files then! It is a standard intercooler which was previously welded, I had a look today and didn't notice any oil or dust build
  9. UPDATE: I just drove it down a gravel driveway to work to help the missus for a sec, it was quite bumpy and the engine light usually comes on from the EGR block, but this time when I went to take off the car lost all power and turned off by itself, happened in 2nd gear. I turned the key off and waited a couple minutes then restarted and got back home safely, about 5 minutes away if even. When I got back I read the codes and now I have: 1003: EGR VOLUME CONTROL 75: P5-PUMP C/MODULE Does this mean my problem is the injector pump? 😫
  10. Thanks @Rumcajs I'm having trouble logging in ECUtalk, it only creates a log for a couple of seconds and only when the car is idling, when I accelerate it doesn't show it in the log file, just the idle? Do I need to check the boxes (MAF, RPM, TPS) so they are greyed out for logging, then leave ECUtalk software running and go for a drive then once I'm done I just uncheck the boxes again and open the log file? I will check the ground connections again because my temperature gauge has been playing up too, when I accelerate the gauge goes down towards "C" but when I let off the accelerat
  11. Back again lol So about 2 weeks into having the remapped ECU, everything was going perfectly fine so I was happy. Then one day the missus and I decided to take the Patrol into town about 40 minutes each way. On the way there, it drove great with no issues. On the way back about 10 minutes from home it jerked/hesitated just a couple of times, I was very annoyed by this as you can imagine. When I got home, I checked the codes via ECUtalk and had a code 0406 AIR/INT volume - excessively high signal from MAF sensor and of course the EGR code. So, I got in contact with the people who did
  12. @Rumcajs No worries thanks for the info! I have mine now set up like the 2nd diagram you sent me, with the tillix and needle valve bypassing the factory vacuum solenoid and the vacuum cannister removed. It runs beautifully with no more limp or fuel cut and doesn't struggle going up an incline like before. I haven't yet experimented with the vacuum solenoid and just the tillix to limit the boost but I was told by the tuner to use tillix and needle valve. I guess I can experiment and try with the vacuum solenoid if you suggest so and see if there's much difference in performa
  13. @rum678 Hi @Rumcajs I just received my remapped ECU today and was looking forward at having the time to install the new tillix and needle valve but time ran short in-between work so I'll finish it off after work today. Can you help me with some info/pics on all the vacuum lines install of the tillix and needle valves. I have read the PDF manual containing all the instructions but they don't make sense for me, I'm lost with a few lines and also where the dampener comes into play. Any help would be much appreciated, then I can finally plug in the ECU and drive it 😁
  14. @rum678 Thanks for your detailed experience! I'm quite confident to go for the ECU remap and I will be giving them a call today to discuss options, although I am in Victoria. If I get it remapped, do I have to remove the manual boost controller as the ECU will manage the boost properly? As I mentioned, I dropped the boost to 16psi via the boost controller and have not had fuel cut since, I occasionally get cold limp on early morning drives to work (I'm up at 5am), but once I let off its back to normal, I can't see the MAF voltage in real-time, have not yet bought an ECUtalk disp
  15. Thanks @Rumcajs I thought the HPD MAF housings & upgraded air intake kits were bigger to allow more airflow thus not allowing the MAF voltage to reach the limp mode? Or is it the other way around, bigger internal diameter means more air which means a higher voltage reading? Ah, I was reading that the Turbosmart FCD-2 basically clips the voltage to say 3.99V so that it cannot go into the limp stage? If it doesn't take boost into consideration, it says in the manual to either hook it into the MAF signal wire to the ECU or the boost sensor signal wire depending which one sends the s
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