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My rescued GQ


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Hey guys, recently stumbled upon this glorious (or not so glorious) sight out on a mates farm:


It is, or was, a 1996 TB42e auto ST that was in excellent condition before it slide down the dam bank and was laid on it's side.
It has a 3" lift (though someone has nicked the rear shocks - it'll be getting new ones anyway), and adjustable panhards from a rear which is a little bonus :D

After a few choice words, and a lot of work we managed to get it ready for the tow truck to pick it up.


After we got it home, I gave it a pretty decent wash, and set to work removing the barra from the falcon.
It's just your standard BA barra with 160,000kms. Best bit is it owes me exactly $0 for the whole BA :thumbup:


Whilst I toil away in the shed building the Barra loom and sorting out the Patrol loom from left over horrible DIY wiring and stuff I actually need I've decided to get a head start on the dual cab chop.


And that is where it currently stands. Picked it up last weekend, and pulled the Barra out, and yesterday I chopped the back off it and today I'll tackle removing the interior and the many spiders that have taken up residence inside it!

Total cost so far:
BA Falcon $0
GQ Patrol $200
PCM unlock and security removal $150

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