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Eclipse AVN726EA (TI headunit) steering wheel remote control

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The standard nav/av system fitted to TI models since the GU7 is the Eclipse AVN726EA. Generally quite a good unit, particularly after the firmware and map updates. One frustration though is that there are no steering wheel controls.

As the buttons are very small, and all look the same, quick changes to volume are hit-and-miss. A solution that's worked quite well is to get hold of the Eclipse remote ($15-20), buy a programable steering wheel mounted IR remote off ebay ($11) and make a tiny reflector to reliably direct the IR beam onto the sensor. Pics below.

Overall arrangement


Steering wheel remote - held on by a rubber strap which makes at surprisingly solid; mounted "upside down" as all the ones on ebay are designed for LHD vehicles


Headunit with reflector


Closeup of the relector - 12mm aluminium angle filed to shape and stuck to the unit with double sided tape


This may work for other headunits with IR remotes


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