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  1. Updated Tapatalk plugin to 1.6.6
  2. Updated to 1.6.2 (latest) tapatalk plugin today.. Sorry it took so long
  3. Today I upgraded IPBoard to the latest release 4.4. Enjoy
  4. Just updated again - Fixed some issues with emoji and other minor stuff.
  5. Today I upgraded the forum to v4.3.1. You may notice some changes. Better Search Better emoji and some other stuff.
  6. I have restored the images into the original posts for you. The original poster used PhotoBucket, which has since stopped providing free image hosting. I was able to upload the images directly to the forum, where they should stay forever.
  7. Due to the Photobucket debacle, I have disabled the ability for users to link to external images. This will prevent images from going missing months or years after a post has been created. All images will need to be uploaded to our servers where they will be stored indefinitely. If you have any problems with forum limits please message me and I will sort it out.
  8. This is due to the original poster using Photobucket (a third party image hosting service). Photobucket changed from a free image hoster to a paid one, anyone who had images stored there needs to pay yearly now or the images won't display. As the forum admin, I implore ALL users to upload images directly to our forum - This will ensure they never get lost or broken. If you hit any limits just message me and I can increase the amount of storage space available. Note: I have contacted the OP and asked them to update the post by uploading the relevant images to our forum.
  9. admin

    Forum Upgrade

    Colour and new logo have been applied - Hope its OK!
  10. admin

    Forum Upgrade

    Just an FYI - Today I upgraded the forum to version 4.2. This has reverted our colour scheme. I will get our graphic designer to fix this up asap. It shouldnt effect the functionality, so you can keep using the forum as per normal.
  11. That's not to bad.. Better than I thought you would get with the tyres and extras.
  12. Bet your glad the site is now 100% SSL.. hehe.
  13. admin

    Update to SSL

    Today I switched over the forum to 100% SSL. All pages on the site should now display using HTTPS - for 100% encryption between your browser and our webserver. Any problems please post here.
  14. If I were buying it would be GME or Icom. I have a GME in the car and handheld.. they are good. Icom are the ducks nuts for those flash with cash.
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