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Forum item requests?


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This forum is really looking the goods with the extra sub forums and stuff.

HOWEVER, I have a suggestion thus far to see it become even better.

I don't understand why General Patrol Discussion contains States, the states should be under a General Discussion that doesn't relate to Patrols. I see this becoming annoying when following posts. People can post up about issues that relate to GQ/GU issues in one state, and others that never check that state sub forum won't know its there. I'm just wondering if it is the smartest thing to do.

Otherwise, I'll continue to troll, contribute and help.


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Oh, one more thing, quite important to the authenticity of this forum, the picture of the 4 cars above the MyPATROL4x4 heading, well the Silver one third from the left needs to be removed. It's not a Patrol, its an Isuzu DMAX, Snorkel is on the drivers side, intercooler scoop is wrong, head lights wrong, bullbar wrong, etc. :D

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