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  1. California Sun - The Ramones
  2. Haha, fck'em, I'll get one I'm sure, so many f'wits in Shepparton
  3. Good to hear mate, nothing like keeping busy and I hope this work out with you, your son and your old man
  4. Haha, I've done that a few times on Cruisers, on one I had to pull the sump off to get the end out. Flames and everything. Such a dumb idea having the terminal that close.
  5. Yeah fair enough. I love a good chat, and the type of conversation I have on forums I participate in (troll) is no different to conversation I have off the keyboard. Its no different to going to the hardware and having a chat to the hardware bloke, or just going off on a random tangent when talking to others. I'm on a shit tonne of forums, most of which I do not frequent unless I'm after info. These forums I don't troll because they are no value to me, generally I ask a question and get some phuck'wit city nerd just regurgitating information that he has read off another forum or watched on youtube, etc. To get real information, you have to go were people are likely to hang out. Do you see any of the Diesel Tuner dudes on some other 4x4 forums? No, because they are boring.
  6. I too had a bit of a dilema when buying a tent, Oztent pretty much requires a roofrack, but the Jet, Turbo, etc seem pretty rikety and I'm not sure they would stand up to the wind that has wreaked my last dozen dome tents. The Oztent has been awesome, but the length is a real pain in the arse!
  7. I've said this to the new owner and I'll say it here, without the BS, you will not have as many active members that will be able to assist with others. If someone knows all about their Patrols, why would they stick around on a forum to answer questions? They might chime in every few days or weeks to see what is going on, but without an active user group there will not be the prompt replies to questions we all love about P4x4.
  8. No, admin has surely put forward some money into this forum and to get a return on it he needs traffic in this forum for advertising (that may come along in time) or he can sell it off as per the other forum
  9. So, seems I have some more time for this forum now. Nothing much has been happening here. Admin, your gamble may be about to pay off
  10. Haha, thats awesome! I like your 'Backyard Engineering'
  11. Look I'm a long time user and believer in Win for corporate use as there is nothing comparable. Win7 IMO is the best package MS have brought out to date, BUT it and MS' standard apps are very unreliable in their operation, not from Virus, but they are prone to their own issues, for example the many issues that plauge IE. With OSX, I do have issues, the RAM it chews through just for the graphics of the desktop is a bit stupid, Safari is a bit hit and miss, but overall its a much more reliable package as far as Im concrned. Even when using AutoCAD on OSX, the reliability issues I face is with me maxing out my hardware through my 2006 average spec MacBook Pro running AutoCAD through OSX Snow Leopard on a dual monitor setup with one monitor being a 32" Full HD LED screen using full hd settings.
  12. Interesting thread! I'm currently looking at building up a new Mac Pro (yep thats right), and have been toying with the idea of an SSD hosted OS and then all my data kept on the Ol' Skool tech 2nd drive. I want the SSD to hold no more than the OS and maybe applications, but all data, files, etc will be on a second drive. I'm no comp tech, so not sure if my understand and proposal would be reasonable.
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