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Dronus4x4 Rear Recovery Point Build up

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Ok, this is just a scratch area to keep ideas on building my rear recovery point.

Once its built and confirmed to not kill anyone ill post it in the Recovery Points Thread.

The Problem:

The Telstra bar on the back of my GU doesn't have a hayman Reece hitch, so i cannot use the normal recovery insert. Make something stronger.

The investigation:

I took the tow pintle off and was happy to see that the bolt layout is the standard for 4 bolt tow hitches. The tow hook that was fitted on the back step fit fine, however i need something much stronger.

So i ended up with something like this until i work out the new recovery point.


I have seen a couple online, and maybe ill find one at an auction, but im thinking of getting something like this made (yes i suck at google sketchup)


I have seen these online - but they are very expensive!


Maybe get something like this and weld it on? My mate is a certified welder



There is also this, but i dont know how good it is



How about this?


Still working on this, stay tuned................

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