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GU speaker replacement

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I had 2 speakers busted in my GU for sometime and thought it was time to change them.

I bought 2 pairs of Alpine SPG-13C2 in a local store for 60€ (~ Au$ 80), you can use other brands.

As some of you know Nissan Patrol has custom speakers made by Clarion and we have to use some ring adapters to fit other brands, but I ended up using the plastic ring the old ones have because it's cheaper icon_biggrin.gif!

The con is we loose some bass because of the gap between the ring and the speaker, but I can live with that.

Since I didn't want to cut the wires I took the connectors from the old speakers and soldered them to the new speaker terminals.

See the pics to get a better idea!



(pics and text copyrighted by me...)








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