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Hi All


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Hi All

Just experimenting with dual citizenship. the fact that here has a lot of members in common with Patrol4x4 will assure the success of this forum also.

Aside from annoying Ray! with my sincere Leftward outlook, I genuinely love my Patrols, camping and 4wd'ing. My username comes from my previous vehicle which was built for harder offroading with 35" MT/R's, 6" total lift, twin lockers and 85% Mark's gears. I completed 3 rounds over two years in the Tough Tracks Challenge in SE Qld.

My 2001 GU ZD30 is somewhat milder with only 2" lift, some NADS mods and 305 Bighorns, but I still enjoy a good day out. As with everyone, I have a LOOOOONG wish list for it. I never cease to be amazed at how capable these vehicles are with a few well thought out mods.

This type of forum are an absolutely amazing source of information and that's down to the good will and sharing nature of the members. Good on admin for adding to that very important community online resource with another forum for Patrol owners and enthusiasts.

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