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Hello From southeast sa


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Hi guys. Kallen's the name. If you couldn't guess the current ride is a 91 gq patrol LWB.

This car is a family gem pushing 1/2 a million K's. My parents bought it new in early 92 (I was 5..) and it's seen me and both younger brothers and sister threw our licenses..

I've recently acquired it as the parents have gone to the dark side (Prado)..

Living on the farm for most my life the patrol wound up K's quick as it was a 80k round trip just to get to town..

I enjoy off roading and all though the old girl is getting slower it keeps up with some earlier turbo models.

Now with my young family started I hope the old faithfully gq can give us many good memories..

So far it's all original, (injectors done at 250,000) and I have recently stuck a 2" old man emu kit under it.

Next is a custom 3" snorkel. I'm intending to enter behind the wheel arch and bypass the pre-cleaner.

I'm a welder by trade so this is a first step, before taking on an exhaust system...

I'll be kitting it out with a draw system in the rear, father in-law is a carpenter so this will be custom as well..

Looking forward to may good trips ahead with my family..

Happy driving guys..

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