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My Camper Trailer..

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Its a Swag Camper Trailer.

It seems to suit us OK, large enough to fit us... 2 adults and 2 reasonable sized dogs when we go away.

It came with an 80 litre water tank and hand pump, I added a battery box and solar panels, so I could run lights/fridge and an electric water pump. I put an extra tap up front which has been handy for cleaning off larger items etc.

The other thing I changed since that bottom pic, is I put a larger Jockey wheel on to make it easier to move around on grass/sand etc.

One of the reasons we bought it, was its ability to "expand" basically we can add unlimited annexes on at the front till we get bored with poles... ;) (Kids still lived at home when we first bought it so we wanted lots of space) and now after having it a few years, we have never added past the second awning, mostly when away only the first. One of those things that are good in theory lol...

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Yeah it does the job. I think you can buy better for cheaper now.. But all in all we are happy with it.

I only ever take it if going away for more than a couple of nights, otherwise I take the touring tent.. Mainly cause I am too lazy to set everything up in the camper for short trips.

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