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Gday Everyone!


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New to the forum thought I better say Gday. I have not purchased my Patrol yet but plan to buy a 2006 -2008 3L.

I have been a long time Nissan fan and currently have a Nissan Stagea RS4 S . Due to having 2 kids and also soon becoming a foster parent my family requires a larger car ,so Stagea will be replaced with Patrol.

Shooting and reloading are my main hobbies but also enjoy my fish tank, taking the tinny out for a fish and putting around on the ride on mower while having a can or two.

Im sure once I finaly have my patrol I will enjoy shooting even more as I will have access to many more places on the farm.

You wont be seeing me posting for a while as I know very little about the topic but I am sure to be having a good read.

Might pick a few brains once I am a owner and dont sound like a total noob.


JH ;)

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