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2.8 power options.


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Hey guys I just got myself a 2.8 gu and am trying to get a bit more low down torque out if her.... So far I just got a 3" exhaust and now looking at Chips and Egr blocking plates. Just wondering what chips people are using ? The roo systems chip seems to give greater increases then the other systems I have been looking at. Any body running a chip I'd love to hear what u have and how it performed after if you have the time to let me know. Thanks for your help.


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If your chasing low range torque I would suggest a new cam and intake to compliment the 3' exhaust.

This alows the engine to breath a lot easier and you'll find a bit less turbo lag to..

And if you have some $$$ to blow, send some my way.. Then rip the head off and send it for a porting and valve oversizing. Don't bother with a shave or polish as these are a waste of time IMO (more money for very little if any increase.).

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Don't waste money on cams and intake the gu has the better intake on it from the 2.8td

3" is a little big I run a 2 1/2 system off a 3" dump with egt in it I have also swapped the pump back to gq and upped the boost to 15 this made a huge diff

Mine had a chip installed when I first got it and it's a lot better to drive now full boost by 2000rpm if you are hard on it

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