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Boost and egt guages

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Quick question about the autometer gauges, and getting the temp sender and boost line through the fire wall. Did you guys drill 2 holes through the fire wall and use the grommets they give you with the gauges? Cause I can't really see any room the the standard one? Also with the power for the gauges should I use the power from my UHF? It's hooked directly to my battery? Wouldn't that mean the gauges are always powered and flatten the battery? Also whers the best to get the light power from? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Regards Jesse

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G'day mate, i ran mine through the big grommets in the fire wall. Be careful though as if you split them to much water can get through. See thread by Tonka

As to power i took that from radio cd (not constant) can pick up lights from there aswell so gauge will illuminate when you turn lights on.

Hope this helps.

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Hey guys going quite well I got thebpower for the pyrometer gauge from ciggy. Just ran a wire from there and joined into it. Eathed to the point in drivers side footwell. If I flick the accesories on I can hearthe gauge make a little noise so must be working. just for the lights now had a quick look can't really see what I can take power from when the head lights come on I was thinking I might tap into the head light wires on the back of the globe run one wire from there and tap both lights into that. Thoughts? Is this ok and also is it ok to run one earth wire up from the Eath point in the riverside footwell just for the two lights? The gauge has it's own earth. Thanks the help With out it I wouldn't of given it a go installing this!

Regards jesse

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