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Boab Classic Gazebo


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For those in the market for camping/beach gazebo  do yourself a favour and stay away from Boab products. I'm the unfortunate owner of this Chinese made crap sold through Ray Outdoors pathetic establishment and sadly because I displaced the receipt I'm unable to return this shyte for full return.

What a rubbish product. I used it in total about 10 times and this  Boab Classic 3x3 m Gazebo

is 100% junk

Already broke couple of struts (second outing) one of the legs plastic pin for height adjusting mechanins just broke and canopy is tearing apart at each corner after total of 10 times use.  Wanted to obtain spare struts from Ray's, after being given run around and waited and waited for the crap being ordered from warehouse I just given up and sourced parts for another gazebo and modified as required to get this junk working

I expected better, especially after my cheap Kmart sourced gazebo I bought 12 years ago and took it to hell and back is still intact except having its legs rusted up from being used constantly at the beach. The canopy is still like new and struts took some serious wind punishment.

Don't buy Boab crap, save yourself hard earned cash for some better product. Now I'm wondering what to get instead?


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