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  1. patrol ls1 conversion

    Here ==>
  2. Fixd topic

    G'day, Apart from the fact that people flogging that app use terrible graphics and their site sucks, it is only good for vehicles with OBD2 capabilities which with an exception of common rail version of ZD30 (post 2007) none of the Patrols are capable. I still don't get what is so special about that app apart from massively invasive anti privacy features, tracking, push notifications and other crap. It just another marketing hype where it will suck unsuspecting customers in to who knows what repair schemes. You can easily get $10 OBD2 ELM327 adapter and $5 + Torque app doing the same and still have your privacy! Especially with this little blurb gem: "Never worry about the condition of your family’s cars and protect them no matter where they are. Install a FIXD sensor in each family member’s vehicle so you can remotely monitor the health and status of their vehicle and be there for them in their time of need." https://www.fixdapp.com/features What a shonky!
  3. 2000 GU ZD30 Patrol

    G'day, Save your money for the TD42 conversion. There is no point trying to do anything to what I presume is high mileage ZD30 (200K +) stock/with no mods. Enjoy it while it drives and when it grenades, convert it to TD42 which you can mod up then. You need to understand that the engine you are/would be after is TD42Ti (factory turbo charged and intercooled). Standard TD42 is non intercooled and there are number of unscrupulous jerks out there even trying to sell non turbo charged TD42 from GQ series which isn't exactly a win..... Anyway, to mod TD42 to get more power out will cost $$$ as it is all mechanicals, there are no quick ECU/software fuelling changes like on ZD30. But if you insist on wasting money on ZD30, have a look in NADS step by step guide ,it contains everything you'll need to know. Regards
  4. gu 06 have lost tacho ac and glow

    There should be fusible links and fuses box in the engine bay next to battery on RHS. Check there, glow link is 100 Amp, and cooling system is 40 Amp. Regards
  5. gu 06 have lost tacho ac and glow

    G'day, You need to give more information. Especially about which engine is in yours as I'm assuming it is 2006 GU. That means 2 possibility, ZD30, TD42Ti I'm guessing TB48 doesn't have glow plugs. Regards
  6. 2001 GU Patrol TD42

    G'day, mate The link you have included in the post redirects to "Carsales" seller login page not the actual car buyer page. You may want to check and correct that link. Regards
  7. Dual mass flywheel failure

    G'day, I don't think you need to fiddle with gearbox spacer, the after market single mass flywheel and clutch kit should be bolt on replacement..... Regards
  8. What did you do to your GU today?

    Replaced front bump stops, got rid off POS Nissan type and fitted ones for LC80 series. Who would have thought, they're cheaper and better than Nissan's.....indeed it is a sacrilege I know, Regards
  9. New keys

    Glad you have sorted it out. To help other if in similar situation, feel free to do up a post about swapping remote control from factory unit to aftermarket unit. Regards
  10. New keys

    Mate, Patrols are positively switched for most of the things. Anyway I have posted previously the scheme/diagrams for central locking on Patrols. I don't really understand what am I looking at in regards to wiring manual you have posted. Is it for central locking or for alarm? IMHO No.3 sounds like one. Don't forget that door locking relay reverses polarity to electric motors to lock or unlock. Is the central locking working? E.g. when you turn the key in the drivers door lock does it lock/unlock all the doors and or when you push central locking button on the drivers side does it lock/unlock? If so then all you need to do is to hack the multi-remote signals nothing else or so is my understanding. If you look at multi-remote from Nissan for Australia for 2006 revision (my previous posts) then it is simple 8 pin control box (M133) Pin 1 => Ground Pin 2 => Battery positive B+ Pin 3 => RH side indicator signal Pin 4 => Ignition ON positive aka 15+ Pin 5 => Lock signal to unified meter control unit (aka Instrument cluster) Pin 6 => Unlock signal to Unified meter control unit Pin 7 => Driver lock status (ground when locked from driver door actuator) Pin 8 => LH side indicator signal There are multiple variations of multi remote, there is 16 pin unit in previous revisions, unless you know what is in yours it isn't easy to figure out from just wiring diagrams. However you've mentioned that yours is 8 pin unit. Regards
  11. New keys

    Sorry mate I would not know what "Gourdan" is, but if the factory remote works then I find it weird that adding keys won't work. Regards Here is wiring diagram for 2006 revision AU ==> maybe that one is yours. Location of multi-remote (M133) is B1 on the harness layout passenger side .....
  12. ? Difference between GQ / GU td4.2 manual gear box

    G'day, Since you have GQ engine in it then I'd get that version of the gearbox and RD28 has completely different gearbox (smaller as well) as for the differences between GQ and GU FS5R50B changes I'm not 100% sure but are mainly product revisions and improvements and depending on which revision and ratios, later ones get upgraded 5th gear on GU4 onward. There may be some differences in bolting pattern on the bell housing but again I'm not so sure. In any case you want definitely the upgraded 5th gear assembly otherwise you'll be pulling it out again once it shears the splines off.... Nissan is not making it easy that's for sure. I'd be talking to gearbox specialist familiar with Nissan boxes first. Regards
  13. Same to you mate, enjoy the festive season. Regards
  14. ZD30 intermittant throtle fault 43

    G'day, Chances are that ECU from the wreckers will not be very useful to you without immobilizer recoding. However hold on to that ECU cause you can send (unless you are close to mid coast of NSW) it to have it re-maped and as a part of it they can disable immobilizer so not only you gain extra ponies but keep your original ECU as well. Much better option then diesel "piggy back" dodgy chip. As far as that "overboosting switch" there is no such thing as a switch.... What happens is that ECU monitors MAF output and correlates it to TPS position and RPM and if values are too high it will derate until you release pedal and re-apply which resets the limp process. That is what happens not the overboosting indeed ECU seems to ignore boost values in regards of this function on Series 1, 2, and 3. From Series 4 onwards there is mapping for boost as well incorporated in ECU fuel mapping and it will limp if you exceed 18 psi but still MAF, RPM and TPS% is considered. Regards
  15. ZD30 intermittant throtle fault 43

    G'day, I've never heard of "overboosting" switch, what is it? Anyway here: I would ensure that earthing circuit are correct. Y61 is notorious for bad earths, indeed I recommend running extra earth cable between chassis and body and en gine and chassis. Regards