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  1. Hello, I'm not familiar with Y61 auto transmissions but as yours is fully OBD2 compliant I'd try to use OBD2 scanner to find out if transmission temps are displayed. If they are then I would not proceed with installation of hardwired gauges. Certainly I'd not pay 800 bucks to have one installed (does it come with golden bezel too?) OBD2 BT adapter (ELM327) is about $10-20 bucks, Torque Pro app is about 10 bucks so to test/try is cheaper proposition. ScanGauge 2 OBD2 reader does have some issues with reading temps but it is supported allegedly Nissan Patrol Scangauge S
  2. G'day, To be able to better identify these type of faults (ECM to pump module DTCs) you will need Bosch scanner which directly connects to the pump. If this issue wasn't there before fuel filter change that would mean you have air in the fuel and possibly because filter fitment introduced the air or is not sealing properly or leaking through priming button. Regards
  3. Try this ==> but with caution as Ni$$an is typical with how one can't identify which version one has. I looked in the manual and the way they list these glow plug circuits is either for cold areas and except for Australia or just but there are two fundamental versions.... since yours has been converted it is even worse to identify. Bellow is an example for "cold areas" whatever that suppose to mean all places but Middle East and SE Asia and Africa? Cause if you live in Darwin AU you don't need glow plugs but if you live in Tasmania or Victoria's High Country you definitely need glow plugs f
  4. G'day, Welcome to the forum. Feel free to explore, ask questions and share ups and downs of Patrol ownership. Regards
  5. Hello, Firstly you need to tell us which model of Nissan Patrol and which engine? TD42 uses glow plugs relay controller and ZD30 uses engine ECU to control glow plugs. ZD30 will glow plugs on start unless engine operating temp is 70°C. Regards
  6. My first reaction was that it is the belt tensioner. Have you changed the belt? Bear in mind that even replacement tensioner when not fitted correctly will cause the belt to be noisy. You shoud be able to pull back the tensioner and it should snap back. If not, it is not moving freely on the pivot. Also I wonder if alternator has anything to do with it. You could spray 'Belt grip' on the belt but that will ruin/wear it quicker. Cheers
  7. G'day, Removing DOC (catalyst ) is mostly illegal but depends on country where you live, I'm not sure what regulations are there in Argentina. I'd remove it (factory unit) but install high flow aftermarket unit to stay legal if needed. EGT probe is before turbo charger is harder to install and yes it will show higher temperatures. Installed after turbo is OK and easier. Regards
  8. This simply doesn't compute. You had it at Nissan for 3 months and they can't find the fault? Where? Its stalling cause there is no fuel available at right time or enough when needed under load cause either wrong inputs from engine sensors e.g MAP and MAF or fuel delivery is faulty, either low supply or high pressure rail issue. This should not be that hard to figure out by measuring observing engine sensors and their outputs. Or is turbo charger faulty? Example the variable geometry vanes are fully retarded cause the vacuum control is leaking. Easy to see via OBD2 scanner. Is fuel
  9. G'day, MAF Voltage reading at idle is around 1.6- 2.0 V. MAP or boost sensor always read absolute pressure that is atmospheric or barometric pressure + actual turbo pressure. Barometric pressure at sea level is around 100 kpa or 14.5 psi. Unless you are using actual ECU Talk LCD panel where this compensation is made you will see the values as indicated in the ECU Talk software gauges. Cheers
  10. As long as you get same steering angles then all is good. Cheers
  11. That is highly unlikely as the cost is or will be astronomical. Sourcing second hand TB48 driveline is also not that common. Apart from the body there are differences especially electrical system, you would need the tranny as well as brakes and even handbrake is different. Getting the engine and transmission assembly, electrical looms etc from a donor rolled over vehicle perhaps. Going LS V8 or Ford Barra straigth six is easier due to much greater availability of donor parts. Regards
  12. My honest answer is consistently the same. I do not recommend to buy! Not that vintage anyway unless you have replacement motor handy or enough funds to spend when inevitable happens. Or plan a coversion to different engine like TD42, LS2, Cummins or whatever else people spend their money on. Servicing that engine makes no difference, it is terrible design done when Nissan was nearly bankrupt (it should!). Bosch is another swine of automotive dregs! Either way if you are not handy with spanners or want spent weekend under the bonnet keep away from that abomination unless you have a l
  13. Hi Runcajs.

    Just reading your stuff on the IP. It is really informative. I am looking at a 2002 Patrol GU and the only thing that makes me hesitate, is the terrible IP reputation and the cost to fix it. The car i have been looking at is owned by and old mechanic you changed the oil , oil and fuel filters every 5000km and always used fuel injector cleaner (and kept record of doing so). would his extra care shown possibly extend the life of the pump. This car has done 25000km and my mechanic say he does a lot of patrol (pre common rail) IP's at around 30000km. His opinion is don't do near it i'd appreciated your opinion. If you think it could be OK should I go ahead with the lift pump mod you suggest.  Thanks again great advice

  14. G'day, AT box oil pan bolts torque is 7-9 Nm, the drain plug is 29-39 Nm. There is a side note in Nissan factory manual stating that bolts should be replaced due " * Always replace oil pan bolts as they are self-sealing bolts. * Before installing bolts, remove traces of sealant and oil from mating surface and thread holes. * Tighten four bolts in a criss-cross pattern to prevent distortion of the gasket " I'd check/confirm that bolt holes are not open in to the transmission once the oil pan is off because if that is the case the bolts do indeed have to be sealed.
  15. G'day, 4 cylinder engine is not easily timed 180 deg out only straight six. Anyway see extra info bellow.
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