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  1. Rumcajs

    Bullbar inquiry?

    As far as I know the only issue is SRS airbag incompability so if the utes don't have those then you might want to research it further. otherwise it fits. Regards
  2. G'day, I know it sounds obvious but that means you still have air in the system. Pressure bleeding the system doesn't always work OK. As an exercise try loosening each bleed nipple slightly and watch for air bubbles. Sometimes the good all fashioned manual bleeding is needed too, in correct order of course (starting from nearest cylinder to master). If your vehicle has load sensing valve make sure it is set to max opening as well before attempting to bleed the system. I use vacuum method (own vacuum tester/gun) and finish of with manual bleeding with helper person pumping the pedal. Never had issues this way. Regards
  3. Rumcajs

    Evidence of airbag change?

    G'day Unless, they've given you a paperwork or afixed recall sticker then you can't tell unless you pull the SRS airbag detonator out and inspect its serial/part numbers or actually witnessed it being fitted ( I did ).There should be an invoice generated for Nissan Australia by the dealer indeed Nissan will only supply enough for the vehicles listed as coming under the dealers system. So you could contact Nissan Australia directly to obtain the information about your vehicle as they must keep that transaction for ACC. In any case this airbag re-call is a fraud. Takata Inc needs to supply around 40 to 80 million additional unit for vehicles around the world which some of them are not even being produced anymore on top of actually supplying/fullfilling existing contracts to produce them for current productions of vehicles. To understand what is going on, the Japanese invented manufacturing system like JIT (Just in Time) which means they mostly don't produce anything extra for the stores to keep. This means that lead times for extra units are very long..... That can't be done in ones lifetime. Most dealers will replace the units "like for like" as they have nothing else supplied to them. Probably only difference will be with the so called Alpha series airbags where/if the updates can be made or they can be superceded by later units. If your Nissan is 2000-2003 model then do ensure they updated the SRS airbag detonator/entire unit to later version. If they ask me to come again I'll cut the wires to that shyte myself. Regards
  4. Rumcajs

    catch can advice

    G'day, If it is Provent 200 unit then around 70K kms or if it no longer works letting oil though. Regards
  5. Rumcajs

    What people useing for fluids?

    G'day, Chances are you gonna get various suggestions etc. Engine ==> semi synth or mineral oil is the best. I used Caltex Delo 400 15W-40, now I switched to extremely expensive (still trialing for now )ULX Diesel 15W-40. Gearbox ==> mine is manual so it doesn't really apply Castrol Syntrans 75W-85 (I will trial ULX 85W-90) First diff ===> ULX 85W-90 Rear diff (LSD) ===> ULX 85W-140 Transfer ===> Syntrans 75W-85 (if you are in cold area recommended oil is Dextron III auto tranny oil) Regards
  6. Rumcajs

    patrol ls1 conversion

    Here ==>
  7. Rumcajs

    Fixd topic

    G'day, Apart from the fact that people flogging that app use terrible graphics and their site sucks, it is only good for vehicles with OBD2 capabilities which with an exception of common rail version of ZD30 (post 2007) none of the Patrols are capable. I still don't get what is so special about that app apart from massively invasive anti privacy features, tracking, push notifications and other crap. It just another marketing hype where it will suck unsuspecting customers in to who knows what repair schemes. You can easily get $10 OBD2 ELM327 adapter and $5 + Torque app doing the same and still have your privacy! Especially with this little blurb gem: "Never worry about the condition of your family’s cars and protect them no matter where they are. Install a FIXD sensor in each family member’s vehicle so you can remotely monitor the health and status of their vehicle and be there for them in their time of need." https://www.fixdapp.com/features What a shonky!
  8. Rumcajs

    2000 GU ZD30 Patrol

    G'day, Save your money for the TD42 conversion. There is no point trying to do anything to what I presume is high mileage ZD30 (200K +) stock/with no mods. Enjoy it while it drives and when it grenades, convert it to TD42 which you can mod up then. You need to understand that the engine you are/would be after is TD42Ti (factory turbo charged and intercooled). Standard TD42 is non intercooled and there are number of unscrupulous jerks out there even trying to sell non turbo charged TD42 from GQ series which isn't exactly a win..... Anyway, to mod TD42 to get more power out will cost $$$ as it is all mechanicals, there are no quick ECU/software fuelling changes like on ZD30. But if you insist on wasting money on ZD30, have a look in NADS step by step guide ,it contains everything you'll need to know. Regards
  9. Rumcajs

    gu 06 have lost tacho ac and glow

    There should be fusible links and fuses box in the engine bay next to battery on RHS. Check there, glow link is 100 Amp, and cooling system is 40 Amp. Regards
  10. Rumcajs

    gu 06 have lost tacho ac and glow

    G'day, You need to give more information. Especially about which engine is in yours as I'm assuming it is 2006 GU. That means 2 possibility, ZD30, TD42Ti I'm guessing TB48 doesn't have glow plugs. Regards
  11. Rumcajs

    2001 GU Patrol TD42

    G'day, mate The link you have included in the post redirects to "Carsales" seller login page not the actual car buyer page. You may want to check and correct that link. Regards
  12. Rumcajs

    Dual mass flywheel failure

    G'day, I don't think you need to fiddle with gearbox spacer, the after market single mass flywheel and clutch kit should be bolt on replacement..... Regards
  13. Rumcajs

    What did you do to your GU today?

    Replaced front bump stops, got rid off POS Nissan type and fitted ones for LC80 series. Who would have thought, they're cheaper and better than Nissan's.....indeed it is a sacrilege I know, Regards
  14. Rumcajs

    New keys

    Glad you have sorted it out. To help other if in similar situation, feel free to do up a post about swapping remote control from factory unit to aftermarket unit. Regards
  15. Rumcajs

    New keys

    Mate, Patrols are positively switched for most of the things. Anyway I have posted previously the scheme/diagrams for central locking on Patrols. I don't really understand what am I looking at in regards to wiring manual you have posted. Is it for central locking or for alarm? IMHO No.3 sounds like one. Don't forget that door locking relay reverses polarity to electric motors to lock or unlock. Is the central locking working? E.g. when you turn the key in the drivers door lock does it lock/unlock all the doors and or when you push central locking button on the drivers side does it lock/unlock? If so then all you need to do is to hack the multi-remote signals nothing else or so is my understanding. If you look at multi-remote from Nissan for Australia for 2006 revision (my previous posts) then it is simple 8 pin control box (M133) Pin 1 => Ground Pin 2 => Battery positive B+ Pin 3 => RH side indicator signal Pin 4 => Ignition ON positive aka 15+ Pin 5 => Lock signal to unified meter control unit (aka Instrument cluster) Pin 6 => Unlock signal to Unified meter control unit Pin 7 => Driver lock status (ground when locked from driver door actuator) Pin 8 => LH side indicator signal There are multiple variations of multi remote, there is 16 pin unit in previous revisions, unless you know what is in yours it isn't easy to figure out from just wiring diagrams. However you've mentioned that yours is 8 pin unit. Regards