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  1. Well, that might be possible(mine primer button is rock solid after several hours of engine being off). Fuel delivery system on my car is heavily modified and I'm not 100% sure that could also influence it. Fuel system on ZD30 seems self priming and as such will have a pressure drop once the engine stops. What the residual pressure if any is left I'm not sure. On fully closed fuel injection systems running at around 150 to 200 kPa delivery pressure the left over is about 50 kPa because fuel lift pump has non return valve built in to retain the residual pressure. The trend on self bleeding
  2. I buy all my filters from Western filters in Sydney. CrD filter kits
  3. G'day, I haven't heard of filter brands like Osk before, but I caution you with too cheap filters..... Indeed I'd be looking at water separator in that case. 3" exhaust on CrD should be OK however a lot of people use 2.75" exhaust with very good result indeed better because 3" appears to be too big to maintain correct back pressure. Beaudesert does make the entire set. ===> https://beauexhausts.com.au/product/patrol-gu-3l-exhaust/ The only issues with CrD is when people attempt to block EGR... causes MIL to come on. Regards
  4. That hose look clear so to me it doesn't have an issue with air in the fuel. However those ICV% are very low. At idle it should be around 50% as a minimum. Mine has around 63% with additional lift pump. ECU Talk creates log of your gauges as A CSV file is a Comma Separated Values file. All CSV files are plain text files, can contain numbers and letters only, and structure the data contained within them in a tabular, or table, form. I open mine in LibreOffice spread sheet to have nice collums. See here ==> https://www.ecutalk.com.au/ecutalk.aspx The key is to select only
  5. Oil pressures look fine, however which model year is yours? If it is 2007 onwards then ECM is measuring the actual oil pressure from RHS unit. Oil Pressure is monitored via the ECM with the utilisation of an Oil Pressure Sensor which is located at the RH rear of the engine. In addition to the Oil Pressure Sensor there is an Oil Pressure Switch located at the LH front of the engine, above the oil filter. This switch will ground & illuminate the ‘red oil can’ warning light when there is close to 0 Oil Pressure. The above mentioned Oil Pressure SENSOR
  6. Hello, I agree, just gauges would be enough so you're aware what is going on. CrD uses different ECM controls therefore playing around with various aspects of insufficient controls from previous model is probably pointless. But I'd check how does glow circuit behave and if it does the same silly behaviour as in Di I'd fit extra timer. Having additional means of seeing coolant temp (via Scangauge) if possible is also a bonus. EGR block is also problematic on CrD models. In any case fitting boost control could improve performance. Regards
  7. Read my previous post fully, then search Dronus4x4 posts about NADS on this forum and on patrol4x4.com as well as GU2 user archives and posts about external lift pump there. VP44 can suck its own fuel from the fuel tank however Bosch made provision for external supply pump (lift) in its reference design as vane type supply pumping section inside the injection pump is very inefficient at lower RPM under heavy load. As for that "o" ring there is no harm putting it there but most Patrols lost their on first filter service as dumb mechanics don't pay attention and Nissan also claims i
  8. Hello, Finally you're cooking with gas..... The most important gauges are: RPM, Water temp, Battery V, Throttle V or %, Injection Timing % (duty cycle), Air flow, Barometer, Fuel Temp, VNT Turbo %. MAF Voltage seems a little higher for idle.... If Injection Timing % is bellow 40% you have air in the system or problem with fuel. Normal operation around 50-70%. So in yours, barely reaching 41% at idle yes you have problem with fuel delivery. add external lift pump and you will find the leak quickly. However you MUST carry out SPILL/OVERFLOW LINE modification oth
  9. Rumcajs


    Well how far away? As long as it is in the engine bay you should be OK.
  10. With such temps in the morning I'm sure glow plugs are not up to the job anymore.... You will need to check resistance accross the positive terminal of the glow plugs and its body (or nearest ground). So you will have to remove intercooler and buzz bar. If you find that values are out that means removing them and inspect visually if the tips are still there. Metal glow plugs are cheaper but wear out very quickly about 20k so the timer mod is absolutely essential indeed it is in any case. The stupidity of glowing for 5 mins. Ceramic tips glow plugs last longer 100k but are
  11. I would not loosen injector line! The only way to find out is connect clear hose from filter to pump and check for air in the system (bubles) Also are you sure your glow plugs are up to a scratch or actually work. To me it looks more like glow plugs if it starts right away when warm. How cold is in the morning? The bolt on the ECM plug, mine has been broken for years, I broke it undoing it with just little ratchet. Plug is held in place by giant cable tie wrapped around the ECU. Regards
  12. I think it is harness to the injection pump... You've fiddled in there and now disturbed something for good. 0703 DTC is about ECM to IP comm which means voltage range is out due to either shorted wires or broken wires.... See bellow how to check:
  13. When you scroll up to my earlier posts I added info in regards to crank sensor e.g. gap, installation/removal ..... Regards
  14. It would be possible source of your trouble. Fix and test. It is cheaper then throwing expensive injection pump at it. Consider adding external fuel lift pump but remember to modify injector overflow/spill line. Regards
  15. That code is general trouble from pump ECM and it has a few reasons/conditions. Quote: Injection pump control unit has an on board diagnostic system, which detects malfunctions related to sensors or actuators built-into electronic control fuel injection pump. These malfunction informa- tion are transferred through the line (circuit) from injection pump control unit to ECM. Now from past experiences I know that code is set e.g. when there is air in fuel as it affects pumps ability to do fuel metering....so it guesses. Its called "garbage in causes garbage out" in other
  16. I think OP is no longer around, his last visit was in 2014.... Cheers
  17. Yes you will need that cable for it to work with ECU Talk software. In regards to injection pump: Search online for testing VP44 injection pump (and its Zexel clone). the issue is that the pump has its own ECU and has its own diagnostic codes which are not visible to main Engine ECU (ECM) so to make diagnosis you will need Bosch scanner for such pumps (only Bosch fuel injection diesel specialist have them) and only then I'd say needs the new pump. If you are feeling adventurous you can create your own K line protocol OBD2 custom interface but research it thoroughly. You will als
  18. This doesn't compute cause 2001 Patrol with ZD30 never had OBD2 plug. It had grey Nissan Consult II. Nissan started with white colored OBD socket from 2004 series 4 however it is still only wired up as Consult II interface. Not compliant with OBD2 protocol. That happened with the arrival of common rail ZD30 in 2007 onwards. Ecu Talk cables I have the OBD2 socket in mine and cable for it ==> Y61 ODB2 So, If you have those mods you must take control of the turbo charger away from the ECM or must limit max boost bellow 15 psi and bellow 11 psi at or b
  19. ECU Talk will never work with OBD2 adapter sorry incompatible protocols! You will need to use Consult II interface/adapter those cables are available from its website. I'd be lost without it. Code 0406 : An excessively high voltage from the mass air flow sensor is sent to ECM when engine is running. If there is NOT 0102 code present it is likely that MAF sensor is not faulty and actually measuring high air flow. Possible causes are: However above doesn't take in to account that you have: Blocked EGR, fitted 3" exhaust and left stock controller in the place. Wh
  20. Are any of these codes active? You really need to see what ECU is doing and its sensors. ECU Talk software with its Nissan Consult II adapter cable can read the sensors in real time so you could use it to pinpoint cases. Pump harness is reasonably accessible however I'd not call it easy. Regards
  21. Firstly I'd would make sure that harness to injection pump is OK. There is a short piece going from engine interface bracket to pump and it is not uncommon for the wires to wear out inside the conduit there. That dumbo mechanic cleaned the plugs so he disturbed the harness temporarily fixing it. Any codes? Anyway you need to specify which model is yours, year or series perhaps.
  22. G'day, Well you probably already know the answer, you need to replace the priming bulb. The other way to get going is to pre-fill fuel filter and then hope it (engine) starts and finishes the priming itself. The additional way could be to try one of those 12V electric fuel transfer pumps to get the fuel up. To check that priming bulb is good you could fill a jar with fuel and see if the any action happens. Regards
  23. Hello, I'm not familiar with Y61 auto transmissions but as yours is fully OBD2 compliant I'd try to use OBD2 scanner to find out if transmission temps are displayed. If they are then I would not proceed with installation of hardwired gauges. Certainly I'd not pay 800 bucks to have one installed (does it come with golden bezel too?) OBD2 BT adapter (ELM327) is about $10-20 bucks, Torque Pro app is about 10 bucks so to test/try is cheaper proposition. ScanGauge 2 OBD2 reader does have some issues with reading temps but it is supported allegedly Nissan Patrol Scangauge S
  24. G'day, To be able to better identify these type of faults (ECM to pump module DTCs) you will need Bosch scanner which directly connects to the pump. If this issue wasn't there before fuel filter change that would mean you have air in the fuel and possibly because filter fitment introduced the air or is not sealing properly or leaking through priming button. Regards
  25. Try this ==> but with caution as Ni$$an is typical with how one can't identify which version one has. I looked in the manual and the way they list these glow plug circuits is either for cold areas and except for Australia or just but there are two fundamental versions.... since yours has been converted it is even worse to identify. Bellow is an example for "cold areas" whatever that suppose to mean all places but Middle East and SE Asia and Africa? Cause if you live in Darwin AU you don't need glow plugs but if you live in Tasmania or Victoria's High Country you definitely need glow plugs f
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