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Tyre Pressure Monitor System


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Just fitted the tpms from ppa car audio,
Installation was simple the item screwed on to each value and the device was automatically programmed.
it did identify the temperature an pressure of the tyres, that involves a digital readout on the dashboard with a built in battery.
i will now know what each tire pressure is on each wheel and i will know if i get a tire pressure drop also will get a audible alarm if the wheel gets too hot.
Good peace of mind to be able to check pressures and temps while driving.

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On 1/9/2016 at 7:13 PM, Steph22 said:

Hello Jim , keep us updated of the tpms life/behavior or any problems ?


I am very happy from the result using the tyre pressure monitoring system and glad to say that its all working well.
i will enjoy long trips more now with the added feature to my 4wd.
Also ppa car audio is really easy to deal with and very helpful.

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