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  1. steph the tpms cost is only AUD 199.00
  2. Hello Jim911, check the link below, http://www.ppacaraudio.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=119&product_id=488 Not yet installed the TPMS but have been using the ppa car audio products (Gps Navigation Unit) and very happy with the result.
  3. thanks mate, will keep updating however all good and very pleased with the unit, I am happy with the result.
  4. HI I have a Nissan patrol GU that I needed a reversing camera, gps satellite navigation and Bluetooth hands free talking function. I looked around the internet also on forum for a suitable company with a good reputation to supply / install the products. around, I have found After calling ppa car audio ; they were able to assist me , were very knowledgeable and seemed to know what they were talking about. I ended up purchasing Kenwood brand navigation unit which has all the bells and whistles that I was looking for including navigation, Bluetooth, reversing camera for behind my gu, digital radio, normal radio, dvd, connects to steering buttons on steering wheel etc. Overall, I must admit I am satisfied with what I have received; everything works like a well-oiled clock. I arranged to get the unit installed 1 day after calling the team at PPA, their professional came to my work, installed the whole lot in under 4 hours and left. I am satisfied with the product and service . here is a link to the unit I purchased: http://www.ppacaraudio.com.au/index.php?route=product/category&path=60
  5. not like fitted Gps on rear-view-mirror, i like double din stereo unit with good reputation.
  6. toy ? welcome to the forum Tim091.
  7. Hi i have a Nissan patrol GU 2010 that i need a reversing camera, Gps satellite navigation and Bluetooth hands free talking function. looking for any advice or a suitable company with good reputation plz ?
  8. thanks............. now happy new year 2016 ............... coming soon
  9. merry Christmas and a happy new year...............coming soon
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