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  1. LED light strips in stalled now I can see what I am cooking.
  2. Havn't done much for a while now dew to knee surgery but starting to get a little done over the last week or so. Put in two gas cookers in the rear barn doors one each side all bolted in nice and easy for those stops on the run with to much effort. Will set up a led strip for some light at night.
  3. Sid has just had a baby boy so he has his hands full at the moment
  4. 2'' suspension and guard chop = 35s or 2'' suspension and 2'' body will do it. I like the idea of diff gears to take the strain off the drive line. What motor you got ?
  5. 4.6 but with 38's need more down low I like to crawl might go a turbo for talk then some 85% reduction gears.
  6. They just touch on the rear of the guard because I don't have any bump stops at the moment easy fix though ( didn't have time to fit them before I left )
  7. Just had a amazing weekend testing out the 38's down at Dalbeg Gorge. heres some photos one bent axle one clappest bearing with no wheel wheel down the track some were one worn down axle playing withe 38s on happy with these tires drove really well funny the drive home lol
  8. The trip was so good I didn't want to come home, The next trip already in planning for June next year a bit closer to the wet so its not so dry and dusty. The trip was long enough three weeks in total.
  9. Back from the Cape now and the truck was fantastic no drama's and good mileage on fuel 1000 km to 139 L with 338 thousand on the clock now she run's like new. Next on the list will be new locking hub's, new slave cylinder, gear selector ( having trouble getting into 5th ), 83% reduction gears, bead lock's for the 38's and a turbo. Here are some picture's from the Cape York trip.
  10. Got the glass in this morning Then replaced rear output seal on the transfer case. Job well done for today
  11. Made a start on the carpet not finished off yet but close too
  12. You can catch up on all the sleep you have missed when your dead mate its time to get your truck up top speed. I am putting in the new radiator today.
  13. about time you put up a post Sid
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